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Wednesday 9:30 to 11:30 am

9:30-11:20 Intermediate Bridge

Duplicate Game
9:30 am to 2:20 pm
Every Thursday we have a duplicate bridge game at McWherter which starts at 9:30 AM and finishes around 2:30 PM after a break for lunch (which is only $4 for members) and the game is FREE. We encourage all bridge players to be members of the Center to help pay for the expense of playing cards, tables, etc. We do give playing privileges to members over non-members.
We are members of the ACBL, but, we are not a sanctioned game for master points. However, we do keep interest high by keeping track of player's averages over their last 10 games. Also, we show the monthly winners in the McWherter Newsletter and on our Website.
We do limit the game to 14 tables due to the size of the Bridge Room. Players are encouraged to sign up to play for the next two weeks in advance (the signup sheet is in the bridge room every Thursday). This enables our volunteers to have the room set up with the correct number of tables and boards for the weekly bridge game.
We have six (6) volunteer Directors, Ron Foster, Jim Freeman, Ken Kishishita, Orvill Lonvick, Joe Saino and Steve Homan. These directors serve for two weeks and rotate alphabetically. The main goal for our directors is to "keep the game as enjoyable as possible for all players".
If you are interested in playing
, contact the Center (901-761-2462) or one of our directors:
Ron Foster 757-1026, Jim Freeman 755-1183, Steve Homan 753-7692
Ken Kishishita 754-3032, Orvill Lonvick 2.1682-9867, Joe Saino 754-0699
March Winners: % of Average
#1 Arun Kumtha-Parikh-------------------------------117.7%
#2 Agnes Howe
----------------------------------------- 111.5%
#3 Jean Childress
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