We have many new seniors joining our center. Please greet them warmly, and if they are having lunch, invite them to sit with you. If you regularly have a full table, pull up another
table. Make them feel welcome. Everyone was a new member at some time.
Make New Friends
All of us can do something to help keep our center clean and beautiful. Please keep food in the dining room to avoid attracting unwanted creatures. If drinks are consumed in other areas, please make sure paper cups and cans are properly disposed of, and that all other glasses, cups and silverware are returned to the dining room for proper cleaning. DO NOT POST FLYERS ON THE DOORS. All flyers should be posted on one of the bulletin boards. They should be dated, when posted, and removed after 30 days. Only services and activities of interest to seniors should be posted.
Help Keep the Center Clean
Beginner's Spanish Class
11:00 AM - 1:05 PM - Fridays
Volunteers Needed!!!
Do you have a few hours a week that you could spend at McWherter Center to assist your fellow members. Help is especially needed at the front desk and the library. Contact any member of the Advisory Council if you can volunteer.
Please check the Expiration Date on your Membership Card or Newsletter. Renew timely so that you do not miss any Membership Benefits.
Dues are only $12.00 per year, unless they are more than 90 days past due, then they are $15.00. When renewing your membership, please see the receptionist before 11:00 am or after 12:30 pm. This will allow those who want to purchase lunch tickets to get into the dining room on time. Membership may also be renewed by mail. Send your check along with a STAMPED SELF-ADDRESSED ENVELOPE, and your new membership card will be mailed to you by return mail. If no envelope is received, you must pick up your card. Your dues allow the newsletter to be sent to you at no extra charge. Bring a friend to join. Help our center to continue to grow. ATTENTION;THURSDAY NIGHT DANCERS: If you want to renew your membership at the dance, please leave your fee at the registration desk, and your renewal will be processed the next day by the Membership Chairperson. Your new card will either be mailed to you or you can pick it up the next time you are at the Center, whichever you choose.
Keep Your Membership Current
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