For Seniors

Senior Center
McWherter is a very busy center and all of our rooms are used by many groups during the day. Please be respectful of those who share your area.

1. Watch the clock. Leave at your designated time. Do not infringe on the next group’s time.
2. Leave the area neat and clean. If you bring in extra tables or chairs, please remove them. Remove any dishes or food that may have been used.
3. Instructors/Leaders should have roster and phone numbers to contact members when class is canceled.

Tips for Instructors and Members
The American Cancer Society’s ROAD TO RECOVERY program is in need of volunteers to transport cancer patients to doctors’ appointments and treatments. You must furnish your vehicle and gas (no reimbursement), Please contact Sara Antonie at 901-725-8635 or visit the American Cancer Society office at 1378 Union Ave. Your help is greatly appreciated.
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