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Our "Steppin' Out Dancers"
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The Steppin’Out Dancers started in 1990 by Bill Westbrook, a former professional dancer and retired dance teacher assisted by his wife Bess Westbrook. When he passed away in 2006, his daughter Connie Wilbanks took over as choreographer. These ladies take classes 2-3 times per week at the McWherter Senior Center in Memphis. Their ages range from 55 to 88. They entertain all over Memphis and surrounding cities at retirement homes, nursing homes, special events, civic organizations, churches and country clubs. They were on the Today Show in 1999. They were asked to entertain for the Silver Stars in Nashville in 2009 where they performed their famous “Jailhouse Rock” routine at the Ryman Auditorium. They also performed at the State College in Nashville at a seminar/conference that same year. They have placed 1st and 2nd many times at the Mid South Fair Senior talent show. Doug Wilbanks is the videographer for the group and makes DVD’s of all of the shows.
Our Dancers

Teresa Arwood
Alice Battistelli
Gail Cockrell
Phyllis Collier
Katie Corder
Helen Couch
Ila Givens
Mary Glatt
Joan Goree
Carolyn Ivy
Molly Laster
Dot Leonard
Merry LeShane
Joy McPhail
Glennie Palmer
Libby Picaud
Edwinna Reed
Judy Sims
Ginny Slover
Diane Stanford
Betty Stimbert
Brenda Street
Wilma Taylor
Debbie Webb
Russell Willis
Linda Wright
Paula Wyatt
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At The Delta Fair
At Christmas
At The Ryman in Nashville
At Annunciation Greek
------------Orthodox Church
Our Steppin' Out Dancers
At The Oak Court Senior Expo
At The Ruth Tate Senior Center
At The Silver Stars Auditions